Hi, my name is Katja and I live in the Netherlands, in a town near Amsterdam, called Almere - a so-called New Town.


This site contains information about my lovely, long-haired guinea pigs - illustrated with many pictures of course. If this is indeed the main reason you are on this site, then please feel free to skip the rest of this little piece of text here and find your way via the meny on the left.

Should you have any questions or want to buy a guinea pig, you can contact me by clicking on the button below.


However, If you want to know a little bit more about me and what the name Desert Garden means to me, then please click the other button, which will take you to my alternative homepage.




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Alas, this Christian cavy site is not yet entirely available in English. I'll do my best to translate at least a number of pages the coming months. I'll keep you updated of which pages are translated, right here.

For now, here's a quick Dutch - English glossary for the main menu structure of this site:

    I've already translated a few pages, so I linked them. I'll keep you updated of which other pages are translated, by adding their links as well.